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The Smile Trust has been operating for eight years, providing support to communities the most in need of resources.
In addition to emergency services, we maintain three main programs:


The Smile Trust has taken on the task to provide resources, education, jobs, and housing to combat poverty and homelessness.

The Smile Trust, Inc. is an International Nonprofit Organization that Fights against homelessness and works toward fixing food insecurities.  Our programming includes: Smile Day, The Community Emergency Operations Center, and Agrihoods. These programs are the vehicles that drive us to our goals.

Since February 2014, The Smile Trust formerly known as (Make the Homeless Smile) has served over 100,000 meals between Miami, FL and Atlanta, GA. We have provided disaster relief in Flint, MI after the Water Crisis, across the state of Florida, and internationally by spearheading disaster relief efforts during the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas.

We have an obligation to ensure that the population we service feels welcomed and understands that a lack of physical address does not negate their dignity as a human being. The experience of displacement is filled with depression, safety concerns, and a lack of access to resources—leaving many feeling broken. We strive to revive, reinvigorate, and heal every individual we service while doing so with a Smile!

To find out how you can support our programs, please contact us at info@mthsmile.com

Ways You Can Help

The Smile Trust couldn’t make a difference without your help. To keep our programs going we need people in the community like you to show up, help out, and share your smile with the world.

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The Smile Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that needs your support. Please help us support our ongoing programs by donating today!

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Join Our Fight Against Homelessness. Sign up for details on how you can join our Smile Team at our future community events.

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Food, Clothing, Personal Hygiene Products, and Support to Those in Need
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At the Smile Trust we are guided by our 4 Pillars of Transparency:


Positive Impact
The Smile Trust is very intentional about who we engage and how we impact those we serve within our communities. We focus on restoring and revitalizing as we engage all who we serve.

Smile Trust believes that plentifulness is the best way to think. We share our high energy with all communities, and we have decided that sharing with others is a great way to make the world better.

Servicing our communities is our main objective.

The Smile Trust is excited about our commitment to being disruptive and sustainable innovators as we serve our communities.