We serve the most vulnerable populations food, water and assist with restoring resilience after man-made and natural disasters

Community Emergency Operations Center

The  Community Emergency Operations Center is a grassroots resilience network, where movement organizations, organizers, and community members become first responders after natural and man made disasters. We have built a coalition of over 100 grassroots organizations throughout the U.S. South and the Caribbean Islands. We provide training, political education, tech support and supplies to all organizations we are in partnership with. We understand that after natural disasters BIPOC Communities are not responded to, so we decided to create a model where we can respond to ourselves.

    • Started in 2017 responding to Hurricane Irma, Providing food water and medicine to over 23,000 Households in 4 days across 8 counties
    • Hurricane Michael 2018, supporting 2000 families North Florida partnering with local organizations and churches
    • Hurricane Dorian, Bahama 2019, supporting over 15,000 families with food, water and medical supplies.
    • Southern Arctic Blast supporting over 50,000 families with food, water and supplies. Releasing our Arctic Blast report
    • Haiti Earthquake 2021, supported with over 300 tons of medical supplies, restocking local hospitals  in the southern point of Haiti and assisting to set up 15 triage centers.
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